How To Kill Boxelder Bugs And Prevent Them From Coming Back

The boxelder bug primarily eats on trees but can also be sometimes found on plants. They do not kill a tree but they can cause some damage. They can also quickly become a nuisance.  Boxelder bugs are easy to see as they are generally a bright red but can also be black. They have reddish lines that run down along its back. Below is some information about how to get rid of these bugs both outside and inside and prevent them from coming back.

Help! What Are Natural Ways To Kill Garden Weeds?

Most stores with a gardening and lawn section have an entire aisle dedicated to various weed killer products. If you have children, pets, or just like the idea of growing something other than weeds in your yard – it is normal to question whether or not those weed killers are a good idea. Will your flowers continue to grow? Will your tomatoes be safe to eat? What about the safety of your children and dogs?

How To Grow Wildflowers From Seed In A Residential Garden

For residential gardeners, there is nothing more satisfying than sowing plants from seed and nurturing them into mature plants and blooms. A residential gardener can be very successful with many types of plants, especially wildflowers. These natural plants grow in different geographical locations and can be transplanted or grown from seed in your own residential garden. Here are some steps to grow wildflowers in your garden:  Check Your Geographical Location and Timing - Research the wildflowers that are indigenous to your area to find the type of wildflowers that are successful in your location.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With These Window Insulation Tips

Air conditioning costs usually make up the bulk of the bills that most homeowners have to shoulder. Since reducing the rate at which a home loses heat is an easy way of reducing the amount of work that an air conditioner has to do, insulating your windows is an effective way of slashing your energy costs. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you do so.