Reduce Your Energy Costs With These Window Insulation Tips

Air conditioning costs usually make up the bulk of the bills that most homeowners have to shoulder. Since reducing the rate at which a home loses heat is an easy way of reducing the amount of work that an air conditioner has to do, insulating your windows is an effective way of slashing your energy costs. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you do so.

Sealing cracks and gaps

Window cracks and gaps usually increase the burden on an air conditioning system not only because they provide openings through which already-heated air can escape, but also because they allow cold air to enter a home. Sealing them is thus an effective way of reducing the amount of work that your air conditioning system has to do in order to make your home comfortable.

Caulking is an effective way of getting rid of small cracks on a window. Focus your caulk application on the areas where your window trims meet the wall and on areas around the window frames. And if your windows have larger or irregularly shaped cracks, using spray foam will give you the best results since the foam can expand after application and thus providing a more airtight seal. As for movable window parts, weatherstripping is the better choice. Use it to completely seal gaps such as the one that is usually around the area where the seal and the lower sash meet.

You will have different choices when it comes to the type of weatherstripping to use for your windows. For small do-it-yourself projects, use open-cell foam and felt weatherstripping. This is because they are not only cheaper, but also easy to install. However, if you want something more durable, the use of metal weatherstripping is advisable because it is water resistant.

Installing insulating window panels

Insulating window panels are usually made of insulating material. Attaching these panels on your windows will provide not only an airtight window seal, but also an extra layer that heat has to go through before escaping your home. These panels are effective in helping to reduce the rate at which your home loses heat, something that goes a long way towards lightening the load on your air conditioning system.

Using window films

Window films are easy-to-install materials that are usually made of plastic. They are usually attached to the window frame with tape. To provide a better seal, a hair drier is usually used. Using a hair drier is also important because it helps to improve appearance of the window as it helps in the removal of any wrinkles that might form during installation. For more information, contact companies like Glasshopper Schor Glass.