Professional Mice Extermination Services Might Be Necessary When Mice Have Infested Your Property

When you have a problem with mice on your property, the pests can get just about everywhere in your home and cause all kinds of damage. For instance, mice can invade your car whether you park outside or in the garage. Mice can multiply unseen in areas like the basement, attic, or between the walls.

Once the population of mice has grown large enough, you'll probably have a hard time eliminating them on your own. You can call a mice extermination service for help, and they might do the following things.

Assess The Problem And Plan The Treatment

A visit from a mice exterminator usually starts with a thorough inspection of your property and home. The information obtained helps the exterminator figure out how the mice are getting in your home, what's attracting them, and the best way to eliminate them as fast as possible.

Provide Advice For Mouse Control

The mice extermination company can work with you until your current infestation is over, but the mice can always come back since they're naturally present outdoors. The exterminator will explain things that attract mice, such as food and warm shelter, and what you can do to make your home less inviting.

You might need to clear away clutter inside and outdoors, seal up bird and pet food, stop eating in your car to eliminate food odors, and clean garbage cans to get rid of odors that attract mice.

Block Mice From Getting Inside

The exterminator might offer exclusion services where they go around your home and look for places mice can squeeze through to get inside. These gaps and holes can be sealed or filled with steel wool so mice can't detect odors and heat wafting out of them, and so mice can't get inside.

Eliminate The Mice In A Safe Way

Two ways to eliminate mice are with poison and traps. The exterminator will choose the right way to eliminate the mice without risking the safety of your family, pets, or other wildlife.

The exterminator sets traps in strategic places to catch the mice. They may come back a few days later to empty the traps and reset them, or they may leave emptying the traps to you. However, once treatments begin, the exterminator will usually make multiple visits to your home to make sure the traps are effective and to monitor when the infestation is over.

The exterminator may put out many traps over several visits to get a large infestation under control, and once the mice are gone, you can implement the rodent control measures recommended by the exterminator to keep the mice at bay. Learn more about mice extermination services in your area today.