Festive Decorations That Can Be Used As Centerpieces During Holiday Gatherings

If you usually make centerpieces for your dining room and coffee tables and are looking for some unique ways to decorate next holiday season, invest in wooden, ceramic, or cardboard nesting boxes. Use the boxes to create a tower that is surrounded by festive garnishes or fill the boxes with treats and give one to each youngster who is part of your family. 

Primitive Colors That Won't Clash

A rustic dining room table that is constructed of walnut or a laminate coffee table that features etching and other embellishments may clash with decorations that feature bold colors and prints. If you are looking to add a subtle yet stylish design to the center of each table, consider a set of nesting boxes that are an array of primitive colors.

A basic red, yellow, and blue shade or variations of the primary colors, which could include a rose or mauve tone, a sunflower or goldenrod color, and a dusty blue or emerald blue shade will not overpower your furnishings, yet will offer a simple and appealing color scheme that will add a pop of color to a sitting or a dining area that your guests will be utilizing during their visit.

Accenting Methods And Hidden Treasures

If you choose to purchase a set of ceramic nesting boxes that are circular in shape, use craft paint and glaze to embellish them. Use some stencils to add a festive message to the outside of each box or choose a freehand painting that is symbolic of the holidays.

Another idea, which can be utilized with circular boxes that are constructed of any material that you choose, is to use sprigs of holly, silver and gold ornaments and candy canes as accents that are either draped on top of a stack of blocks or laid around the edges of a tray that will be used as the base of a centerpiece and that will be placed underneath the nesting boxes.

Use one set of boxes as mystery gifts. For example, during dinner you can have a set of nesting blocks displayed in the center of the dining room table. Before the festivities take place, hide a small treat or a toy, inside of each box. Once the holiday meal has concluded, invite your children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews to select one of the boxes to keep. The children will be excited to see that they have each received a gift, in addition to a decorative box.

Contact a supplier of round nesting boxes in primitive colors for more information.