Air Quality In Your Home

If someone in your household suffers from allergies, has asthma, or suffers from another type of respiratory issue, then you want to be sure you have good air quality in your home. Maintaining good air quality in your home will be even more important than doing so in a home where the household members don't have to worry about the added effects the air quality has on their existing health conditions. Here are some of the things you want to know about keeping the air quality in your home good. Many things revolve around your HVAC system, but there are also other types of things you can do which are also listed below.

Watch the moisture in your home

When you live in certain regions moisture in your home can be even more of an issue. Moisture in your home can quickly lead to issues with mildew and mold, both of which can lead to health issues, especially in those with preexisting conditions. You can have an HVAC professional come out and educate you on the various ways you can improve ventilation in your home to help fend off those moisture issues.

Use a HEPA filter for your HVAC system

If possible, begin using a HEPA filter in your system. A HEPA filter will help to improve the quality of the air in your home by removing more contaminants as the air is filtered from your home and run through the system. This means the air that gets dispelled into your home will be much cleaner.

Clean registers, ceiling fans and filter cover

Along with keeping your home well-dusted to help improve the air quality, you don't want to neglect to dust the things in your home that can really help to dictate how good the air quality is, such as the registers in all rooms of the house, the ceiling fans in every room, and the filter cover.

Bring plants into the home

Have a good number of plants that don't contain pollen or other allergens. When you bring plenty of green plants in your home, they will help to improve the air quality in the house. A couple of good plant choices that can do a good job of helping with the air quality include English Ivy and Bamboo Palm.


Following the tips above are going to help you to control the air quality in your home. You should also be sure an HVAC professional is maintaining your system on an annual basis to ensure everything is running efficiently and not causing other types of air quality issues.

Contact an air conditioning service for more help.