3 Factors To Help Design Your Mudroom

There are many updates to consider if you want to add appeal and value to your home. From plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient appliances to new floors and furniture, the possibilities are endless. One excellent update you may not have considered is a mudroom. This space is a great space for a quick entrance and exit of your home, reducing clutter and a mess throughout other areas of your house. Of course, planning a mudroom can be a bit stressful, but help is available. Here are a few factors to consider when creating a mudroom.

Location and Traffic Flow

The location of your mudroom is one of the most important factors to consider for your mudroom. In most cases, the mudroom will be set off the side or back of the home, allowing your family and guests to enter through a different area other than the front door.

Most mudrooms are set off the side of the kitchen, so your family would enter into the mudroom and then walk through the kitchen to the other rooms of the house. Or, the mudroom can be off the back of the house, allowing your family to walk into the house through a hallway or utility room.


Storage is key for your mudroom, but you do not have to spend a fortune creating a space for you and your family can store personal belongings in an organized and convenient manner.

One of the most affordable ways to add storage to your mudroom is to invest in cabinets. available in a variety of sizes and styles, you can create a custom storage solution suited to your family's needs.

Cabinets with doors are a great option for hiding unsightly items, such as shoes and sports/gym bags. You can also use these cabinets for quick access to handbags, lunch bags, and items you need for running errands throughout the week.

Open shelving is also a great option for your mudroom. Custom shelves can be designed for hanging coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in addition to keys and dog leashes.


Your mudroom does not just have to be functional. It can also be an attractive space in your home.

Instead of cabinetry and shelves that match the other cabinets of your home, choose finishes in unique colors, such as sage green or a distressed black.

Arrange baskets and decorative totes on top of the shelves with chalkboard labels for extra organization.

Also, consider installing shiplap or reclaimed wood on the walls of your mudroom to make the space look rustic and appealing. Fun signs and motivational quotes on the walls will also make the space more interesting. 

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