Transform Your Attic Space into a Kid's Play-Space

Do you struggle to find enough space in your home for the kids to just be kids? Are you tired of constantly picking up the toys left in the living room or kitchen simply because the kids don't really have a dedicated space to play? Do you have an empty attic space that is currently being used for nothing? Here, you'll find a few tips to affordably transform your attic space into your kids' new sanctuary.

Start with Insulation

Your attic space should already be insulated, but is it insulated in a way that will keep things comfortable in the attic while the kids play? You should have blown insulation in the flooring of the attic, but do you have batting insulation on the roof?

When an attic space isn't used for anything, a lot of times people opt to only insulate the flooring of the attic. This will create a hot-box in the summer and an ice-box in the winter. You will need to have the underside of the roofing insulated. Not only will this help to create a more comfortable space for the kids to play, but it will help to reduce the cost of your energy bills each year. For help insulating your attic, contact a contractor, such as All Weather Shield Inc.

Secure the Floor

Is there flooring that is secured in the attic? Sometimes, people will cover the supports with sheets of wood, but they don't secure them so that they have easy access to electrical lines and plumbing. You will need to secure the flooring in the attic. If you know that there are electrical or plumbing components that you may need access to in the future, attach the flooring using screws or some sort of quick-release latch—this way, you'll still have access while creating a safe and secure floor for the kids to play on.

Cover the Walls and Ceiling

You don't have to go all out and hang and finish drywall to create a fun space for the kids. All you'll need is some canvas or plastic tarps. They are available in all sorts of colors and patterns and can easily be mounted to the ceiling and walls with staples or hung using curtain rods.


If you don't have a lighting fixture in the attic, but you do have electricity, you have the option of installing traditional lighting, or you can opt for more fun with twinkle lights or rope lights. You can hang them anywhere and light up the areas that are used more than others.

Start the project soon by following the above tips. The sooner the project is done, the sooner you won't have balls rolling through the kitchen as you prepare your family's dinner.