3 Reasons To Choose A Copper Farmhouse Sink

Interior design trends have leaned toward cottage and farmhouse kitchen decor in recent years. A farmhouse kitchen can be both functional and comfortable, making it the perfect option for larger families. 

If you are thinking of investing in a kitchen remodel to create a farmhouse-style living space, you will need fixtures that reflect this design. One of the primary fixtures in a farmhouse kitchen is a farmhouse sink. Selecting a farmhouse sink made from copper allows you to take advantage of some unique benefits.

1. Copper lends a warm feel to your living space.

The rosy coloring of a copper farmhouse sink can help warm up your kitchen and make the space more inviting. Kitchens can sometimes feel a little cold and inhospitable when cool, white fixtures are used.

The addition of a copper sink is an unexpected surprise that will give your farmhouse kitchen a unique and modern feel.

2. Copper can help reduce illness.

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits that a copper farmhouse sink can provide is the reduction of illness in your household. A kitchen plays host to a number of foods that might leave behind trace amounts of bacteria. Raw meats, fresh produce, and other foods can contribute to bacterial residue on your counters and sink.

Copper has natural antibacterial properties that will kill off any bacteria on the surface of your sink. The bacteria will not be able to cling to dishes where they can be ingested by family members. To ensure the antibacterial qualities of your copper farmhouse sink remain intact, you should avoid treating the sink with a sealant.

3. Copper is extremely durable.

When you are trying to feed a large family, it's inevitable that your kitchen fixtures will take a beating. If you want your farmhouse sink to continue looking nice over time, then investing in a copper sink is advised.

Porcelain sinks can break on impact, and steel sinks have the potential to get dented with repeated use. A copper sink will remain strong and attractive, developing a beautiful patina as the years pass. Since a farmhouse sink can be costly, opting for a copper sink ensures you will enjoy your investment for as long as you want to maintain a farmhouse look in your kitchen.

Copper sinks can lend an unexpected design element to your farmhouse kitchen. Take advantage of the benefits these sinks can provide by installing a copper farmhouse sink during your next kitchen remodel.