2 Main Types Of Metal Roofing Material Configurations

If you are interested in installing a metal roof on your home, there are actually different types of metal roofing materials you can use to create your metal roof. It is important to know what type of metal roofing material would work best for your area and your region. Metal roofing panels and metal roofing shingles are the two different ways that metal is formatted and made for your roof.

Metal Roofing Panels

Metal roofing panels is the most common configuration associated with metal roofs. With metal roofing panels, the roofing is applied in a vertical fashion to your roof. The panels are both wide and long. Running the length of each panel in a vertical direction, places every foot or so, are raised ribs.

Metal panel roofing is used on commercial buildings. It is also commonly used on homes. Metal panel roofing has a very clean line and appearance to it. Although metal roofing has been around for a long time, metal panel roofing has a distinctively modern look to it with its sleek, straight lines.

Metal panel roofing is great if you live in an area that gets a lot of severe weather or strong windstorms. Metal panels stay secured to your roof, and will not get blown away like shingled roofs would. The configuration of metal panel roofs are also great for climates that get a lot of snow. Snow naturally melts and slides off of metal panel roofing.

Metal Shingle Roofing

Metal shingle roofing is the second type of configuration of material that you can get with your metal roof. Many people are not even aware that you can get a metal shingle roofing.

Metal shingle roofing is a new material and produce. Metal shingle roofing comes in squares of shingles like asphalt shingles.

Metal shingle roofing allows you to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing without the look of a metal roof. You get to experience superior sound proofing, great insulation, fire-resistance material and the long-lasting durability of a metal roof without the look of a metal roof.

Metal shingle roofs are generally coated with multiple layers so that the shingles look like other roofing material. Metal shingle roofs can be made to look like a slate roof, wood shakes, or even Spanish tile. This is achieved through additional layers of finish and coating on top of the metal base.

If you want a metal roof, think carefully about how you want your metal roof to look. Metal roofing panels and shingles offer homes two very different looks. For more information, contact companies like Premium Panels Inc.