Four Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Deck Before Putting Your Home On The Market

If you are trying to strategize which upgrades are the most important before selling your home, don't forget about your deck. Whether your decks need major restoration work or just a quick facelift, this can be a welcome update for your home's safety and appearance. Here are four reasons you should focus your energy on your deck's needs before selling your home:

1. Upping Your Curb Appeal

An updated deck can bring with it a wow factor to open houses. Whether you have a front porch, a wrap-around deck, or balconies that feature views from your home, if decks can be seen from the street, these will be under scrutiny by potential buyers. If decks can be updated and staged much like the inside of your home, potential buyers will see decks as an extension of a home's interior space and will increase overall Interest.

2. Safety Concerns from Buyers

If your deck might be a safety concern, this can immediately turn off buyers that are looking for a move-in ready home. If you have a deck that potential buyers cannot step out onto for safety concerns, this can scare away families with small children or pets. While decks can be expensive to fix, getting these updated for safety before you sell will attract a wider audience for your home.

3. Inspection-Ready Decks

Not only can remodels and work throughout your home look great, having updated permits to show potential buyers will give them peace of mind and more confidence in putting in an offer. Even if you only need a few pieces of wood replaced or a new sealant put on your deck, having this done before inspections are done will make your home look better on paper as well.

4. Upping Your Property Value

There are some home upgrades that can be a slam dunk when it comes to increasing your property value. Updating your decks can be a factor when it comes to getting the best asking price for your home. Putting in a little money upfront can help sell your home. You might even be able to up your asking price if deck upgrades drastically change the look and safety of the exterior of your home.

Don't forget about potential upgrades your decks might be needed before selling your home. The exterior upkeep of a home can be a great selling point since is the first thing that potential buyers will see. Finding experienced contractors or those who can offer deck services for sealing, sanding, and painting will ensure that your home will be ready to get on the market.