4 Ways To Make Your Garden More Appealing To Birds

Having a serene garden in your backyard is even more enjoyable if that garden attracts beautiful birds every day. By making your garden more appealing and inviting to a variety of local birds, you will be able to incorporate some fun bird watching activities into your family's backyard time. Here are a few great ways to make your garden more appealing to birds:

Add Decorative but Functional Bird Houses

Garden decor birdhouses come in a wide range of styles and designs, from those that look like elaborate Victorian homes to rustic barn-inspired birdhouses. Adding a variety of bird houses in different colors and sizes will not only add a lot of visual interest to your garden, but will also attract a wider variety of birds. Make sure to choose birdhouses with different size openings, as these will appeal to different species of birds.

Focus on Native Plants and Flowers

Instead of exotic or tropical plants that are shipped into your area, opt to mostly plant shrubs, plants, and flowers that already grow in your region. Your local birds will be more comfortable with and attracted to these local plants and flowers, and more likely to come around. As an added bonus, native plants and flowers tend to require much less watering and upkeep, making it much easier to maintain your garden.

Add Several Bird Feeders

Adding bird feeders that you remember to fill regularly is perhaps the most effective way to attract a lot of birds to your garden. Be sure to buy high quality birdseed from a reputable seller, and consider trying a different type of birdseed in each filler, since sometimes different bird species prefer different types of seed.  Keep your bird feeders high off the ground, because otherwise birds will feel too vulnerable to prey (whether a raccoon or your lovable cat), and less likely to stick around your garden or eat from your bird feeders.

Don't Forget to add a Bird Bath

A decorative bird bath adds a lot of beauty to your yard, while also giving the birds a fun place to cool off, bathe, and splash around. You and your family will most likely get a lot of enjoyment from watching your local birds frolic in the cool water of your garden's bird bath.

Making your garden more appealing to birds isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of planning. By following these tips you will be able to create your very own tranquil and inviting bird-friendly garden.