3 Reasons To Install Rain Chains Around Your Home's Exterior

When it comes to properly managing the water runoff from the roof of your home, many homeowners typically depend on a downspout system to prevent water from pooling near the home's foundation. But there's another option that can help you manage water runoff that is becoming more and more popular in the United States these days: rain spouts. Here are three reasons why a homeowner might want to switch from downspouts to a rain chain system.

Much More Curb Appeal

Downspouts are typically effective at the job but they've never been accused of winning a beauty contest. If you are concerned about the aesthetic of your home's exterior, you might be reluctant to install downspouts, but that comes at the risk of possible damage to your home's foundation. Rain chains on the other hand, are supposed to be seen. They will get the job done and can do it in style, as you can use a variety of different materials to get the look that you want. Going with copper rain chains can create a unique look as the copper will become weathered over time.

Add a Soothing Presence

Rain chains don't just look nice, they can potentially sound nice too. If designed with the right material, a rain chain can make a beautiful chiming sound every time a raindrop hits it on the way down. Many people find the sounds of rain chains to be especially soothing, especially when mixed with the sound of a downpour.

No Chance of a Downspout Clog

Rain chains are also a great idea if you have been having issues with clogs in your existing downspout system. With a conventional gutter and downspout, you will need to climb up near your roof (or hire a contractor to do the same) and clean out the entire area every once in a while, as debris can lead to problems. Cleaning a downspout can sometimes be tricky depending on its design, like if something has gotten stuck in the middle of the spout. But rain chains are an open system meaning there's no interior area to worry about clogging like with a downspout. Yes, you'll still want to climb up to the roof and clean the gutters every once in a while, but a rain chain can at least help you remove one regular maintenance task from your life.

If you want a unique way to manage water runoff from your home's roof and gutter, take a look at the benefits of rain chains. They simply look better than any downspout ever will and because the chains are an open system, you won't have to worry about a clog forming like you would with a downspout. Contact a rain chains supplier, such as Monarch Rain Chains, today for more information.