3 Fountain Installation Mistakes to Avoid Making

Landscaping mistakes can not only make it challenging to enjoy your backyard, but they can also have an impact on your home's appeal. For instance, the addition of a fountain seems like a simple way to add value to your yard, but if there are mistakes made during the installation, it could have the opposite impact. To ensure you get the most out of your new fountain, here are some mistakes to avoid.  

 Improper Planning

As with any major home improvement project, you need to take the time to plan before selecting and installing a fountain. Without planning, you will not be prepared to handle issues that can sometimes arise when installing a fountain.  

For instance, without proper planning, you might not have a solid source of water replenishment for your fountain. As a result, the fountain could spend a significant amount of time sitting uselessly in your yard.  

Incorrectly Placing the Fountain Nozzle

Your water fountain might be nice to look at when water is not streaming out of it, but the idea is to have water flowing freely. Unfortunately, if the fountain nozzle is buried in the water feature, the nozzle could be blocked from streaming the water. Depending on the type of fountain you select, you could even wind up with the nozzle pumping grit out into your fountain.  

Ideally, the fountain should not be overly noticeable, but still clear enough of the water fountain that it can stream the water without any obstructions. Before declaring the installation a success, double-check the nozzle to ensure it is unobstructed.  

Selecting the Wrong Size Basin

The water basin of the fountain needs to be large enough to catch and hold the water while it is being cycled through the fountain. If the basin is too small, the water could spill over and leave the area around the fountain muddy.  

A basin that is too small could also result in failure for your fountain. If there is no water to cycle through the fountain and the pump continues to operate, it is still experiencing wear and tear. Eventually, the pump can burn out and you will be left with an expensive repair project.  

To avoid many of the mistakes that come with selecting and installing a fountain, consider contracting with a professional installer. He or she can help with every aspect, including the pre-planning. You can also receive helpful tips on maintaining your fountain to avoid future problems. Check out fountainmountain.com for more information.